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KORE is a web-based precision farming toolbox to manage variation through space and time. It is an interface where software, hardware, services and research come together to provide real world land use management solutions.

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About KORE

We exist in the space where agronomy, software development and engineering collide

KORE is built and supported by SoilEssentials, a leading Scottish precision farming company. The wider availability of Earth Observation data was the catalyst that sparked the idea of bringing a product like KORE to reality. An ambitious project, supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and in collaboration with Deimos Space UK is now available, harnessing imagery and data to feed the analytic tools in KORE.

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Why use KORE?

KORE allows you to modernise the practices for effective management of land use. The components that are currently integrated in KORE are:

  • Satellite images
    • Sentinel
    • Landsat
    • Rapideye
    • SAR
    • Change detection
  • Drone images
    • Image processing
    • RGB
    • DJI Phantom
    • MicaSense Red Edge
    • Sequoia
    • VARI
    • Digital height models
    • Plant counting
    • Canopy cover
  • Yield and crop sensors
    • Root crop
    • Cereal
    • Nsensor
  • Disease models
    • Blight risk
    • Septoria
  • Growth models
    • Cereal growth stages
    • Predicted tuber sizes
    • Harvest date
    • Predicted quality
  • More
    • Soil sampling
    • EMI scanning
    • Variable rate maps

Our System

KORE gives you the opportunity to manage your clients and their land more effectively through an ever-expanding suite of apps, using data to modernise land use.

KORE also offers you levels of customisation and is designed to fit neatly into your commercial business.

The main KORE application is further enhanced and complemented by a bespoke Android and iOS mobile app.

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